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Patrick Willmott LIVE

Eat More. Loose Weight. Transform Your Life In 40 Days.

Patrick Willmott Day 1, Day 14 with Six Pack Abs and Day 40 with a lean six pack

REVEAL Day 40 Photos and LEARN How You Can:

  • Lose 6.75kg (15lbs)
  • Reduce Your Body Fat by 56%
  • Lose 10.5cm (4″) From Around Your Waist
  • Maintain Lean Muscle Mass & Drop Belly Fat

I did it in 40 DAYS and so can you…

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Day 21: When & How To Commit To Your Workouts

Patrick willmotts Workout Calendar bookings for staying committed to workouts

Do you struggle to get to the gym and/or make excuses not to go.

Screw the gym its raining outside, movie night – Patrick Willmott September 2013

Do you hate…hmmm…hate is a strong word…do you dislike or steer clear of workout commitment?

Not relationship commitment…focus here player/diva.

(yes, I just googled “what is the female version of player” I had no idea, apparently its diva)

Ok focus PW.

If you are like me (pre 40 day six pack challenge) and you make random pathetic excuses not to go to the gym or get out of bed when your alarm goes off than I have a solution to solve your workout commitment issues. [click to continue…]

Back flexing photo of Patrick Willmott weight loss results at Day 20 from the 40 Day Six Pack Challenge

Day 20: Back Flexing

Only 20 days to go in the 40 Day six Pack Challenge. This calls for celebration.

In today’s video I celebrate by keeping the sunnies on to represent how cool it is to have sweet six pack abs.

My results have inspired two of my friends to start their own six pack journey.

Which means some exciting news at the end of the video.

Also progress photos below:

[click to continue…]

Body Fat Loss Chart showing Patrick Willmott's reduction in body fat as at Day 17

After my weigh in on Day 17 (10th October) and my amazing 4.5% body fat loss which brought me under 10% body fat I decided it was time to celebrate….

…but wait, I didn’t celebrate by undoing all the hard work and stuffing myself with chocolate and cheesecake (my favourite).

I rewarded myself in a way that would continue to motivate me.

Rewards don’t always have to be in the form of food… [click to continue…]


How Often Do You Eat?

Day 38 Screen Shot of Calendar and eating reminders

The above picture is a screen shot of my iMac calendar for Day 38 of the 40 Day Six Pack Challenge.

I used these types of reminders to help curb old eating habits.

These reminders help me implement FAQ number one…the eat less, more often eating principle.

It takes 5 minutes to setup for the entire duration of the 40 Day Challenge…

  1. Create 5 reminders: “Eat Breakfast Now”, “Eat Morning Tea Now”, “Eat Lunch Now”, “Eat afternoon Tea Now”, Eat Dinner Now”.
  2. Set the reminders as reoccurring.
  3. Sync with Smart Phone.

It’s not a rocket science, its a simple under utilised that help me eat at the right time and eat more often.

Why Do I Eat 5 Times Per Day

Here is my old eating schedule AND probably your current eating schedule (or something close to): [click to continue…]

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Why Should I Eat More?

Day 23 Dinner: Brown Rice, 2 Pork Loins, Baby Spinach Salad with Avocado and Sweet Potato

Starving yourself to loose weight is not a healthy long term solution.

It’s not sustainable. It’s not even sustainable during the 40 Day Six Pack Challenge.

Above is an example of one of my meals…this was dinner on Day 23. It’s sure isn’t small but it’s super healthy and a well balanced meal.

Eat Less, More Often

Before you read this I recommend you read and watch the videos on:

Without going into too much detail…the hunger scale talks about [click to continue…]

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